Isochronic Tones

Supercharge Your Mind And Optimize Your Life

Isochronic Tones are a breakthrough brainwave audio technology. Based on 90+ years of neuroscience research, specially created music and sounds are blended to optimize your life.

Sharper Focus

Instantly get in the zone with any of our powerful focus sessions. Say goodbye to a wandering mind and effortlessly glide through your daily tasks

Calming Relaxation

Calming relaxation is just a play button away. Experience one of our relaxing chill out sessions to put you in a heightened state of calm

Blissful Meditation

Get ready to enter a state of sonic bliss. Blissful meditation is instantly available on demand. Enter deeply transcendent meditations any time you choose.

Deeper Sleep

Our sleep audios have been streamed nearly a million times so we must be doing something right. Many report never hearing the end (which can only mean a restful night was had)