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Chill Out

Calming Relaxation

Calming relaxation is just a play button away. Experience one of our relaxing chill out sessions to put you in a heightened state of calm


Blissful Meditation

Get ready to enter a state of sonic bliss. Blissful meditation is instantly on demand. Enter deeply transcendent meditations any time you choose.


Hyper Focus

Instantly get in the zone with any of our powerful focus sessions. Say goodbye to a wandering mind and effortlessly glide through your daily tasks


Deeper Sleep

Our sleep audios have been streamed nearly a million times so we must be doing something right. Many report never hearing the end (which can only mean a restful night was had by all)

Supercharge your mind, your body and your soul

Isochronic tones are a way to relax your mind. A way for you to enter deeper states of meditation and enter the realms of your subconcious. To supercharge your mind, your body and your soul.

For thousands of years people have been using different methods of brainwave entrainment to go into deeper trance like states. The use of tribal drumming. The sound of the oceans or a waterfall. Using nature to restore their natural balance.

All these methods have helped people enter various states of consciousness. Allowed them to transcend to higher states knowledge, and restore their energy levels through deep meditation.

People have even been known to heal themselves through deep relaxation. All these states are possible through the power of entrainment and altering the brainwaves.

When the brainwaves are influenced by isochronic tones the mind can enter any state you choose.

The mystics and seers of old knew these secrets, yet it is only in the modern era of science have we been able to explain what really happens.

Influence Your Mind At Will With Isochronic Tones

Each Brainwave State Is A Level Of Consciousness Waiting To Be Discovered

Beta Brainwaves


When you are awake and alert you are known to be in the Beta state. This state often means you are highly focused and alert. Beta can help with learning and concentration. Yet often we find people with low levels of beta in their daily lives.

They are unfocused. They lose interest easily. Many children are diagnosed as suffering from ADD and increasing levels of beta brainwaves has been shown to help them. Improvement with attention and focus have followed sessions with beta isochronic entrainment therapy.

Alpha Brainwaves


After Beta is the Alpha state. It is a lower brainwave state, often felt when you are relaxed. When creative we will experience alpha brainwaves. They are associated with lowering depression, increasing confidence and general feelings of pleasure.

Theta Brainwaves


Lower still is the Theta brainwave. You begin to enter an even higher creative state.

When meditating and entering a trance you begin to feel the effects of Theta. It is a hypnotic frame of mind and often called the twilight state.

Too much may lead to an unfocused mind and the tendency to daydream. This is why a balancing of the brainwaves using isochronic tones is often important.

Delta Brainwaves


Even lower we have the Delta brainwaves. They are the slowest of all and occur when when we are in a deep sleep. This is when the bodies own natural healing mechanisms begin to work. Our health is often affected if we do not get a good nights sleep.

If the mind cannot generate enough Delta activity then it will not be allowed to begin the restorative process essential for healing. Practicer's of deep meditation often heal themselves with the power of thought alone. They are engaging the powers of the delta brainwave.

How Can You Experience The Pure Power Of These Brain States At Any Time You Choose?

You may begin to practice meditation on a daily basis, yet it can often take years to master meditation to allow you to enter the deep states. People devote their lives to becoming masters of meditation.

However science has discovered there is an easier way. Through the use of iscochronic tones you can begin to enter these states of mind at the touch of a button.

With short isochronic brainwave entrainment sessions you can begin to enter deep states of meditation. Increase your mental focus and clarity. Become more creative and inspired.

And best of all Isochronic tones can be used in the comfort of your own home with or without headphones.

See What Our Customers Experience

"my blood pressure, who is to much high goes 15-20 points down already after 10 minutes"

I'm very happy with the downloads. I always can't good sleep but when I hear the sleep-aid my blood pressure, who is to much high goes 15-20 points down already after 10 minutes.

Thank you very much. When it goes better with sleeping I tell you.

I'm dutch and don't speek very good english. I want wish you all good thinks and health.


"this one has a very strong vibration through it which I liked"

It took me a while to getting around to using the audio but did last night and it knocked me out quite quickly. Iíve tried meditation discs before and this one has a very strong vibration through it which I liked.


"using it for meditation purposes on my hikes, and it is so relaxing"

I would like to say that it is fantastic! It truly is amazing and wonderful. Not only does it help me sleep, but I have been using it for meditation purposes on my hikes, and it is so relaxing. Also I have found a correlation between this audio file and it's ability to alleviate my migraine headaches i have been getting, almost immediately! How can this be? The power of the mind I suppose... and with some help from these powerful delta waves. Incredibly fantastic, thank you so much for the download, I am looking forward to hearing from you again.


"has been increasing the lucidity of my dream states"

I have to confess that i'm pretty new to the whole binaural processing but this delta sleep pattern is a nice way to cut my teeth on the whole thing!!

At the moment it has been increasing the lucidity of my dream states, which is always beautiful but i have little else to write home about at this point!!

I do plan on working on some meditative states with it at some point and i'll be sure to keep you informed on any of my results.

Thank you so much for the download

Dan Dukes

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Isochronic Collection

You get the entire collection of 21 Isochronic Tones available for one single price.

All sessions are highest quality 320kps mp3 audios and ready for you to download instantly from inside the site

Custom Produced In Global Locations

We believe the setting for producing this kind of brain enhancing music is just as important as the sounds we select.

All Isochronic Tones are currently produced in our tranquil custom production studio overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

Located on the edge of lush green jungle and distant mountains, our studio has a direct view out over the ocean to inspire our productions.

Often we travel to exotic locations across the world with access to an abundance of nature.

This is how we ensure our vast library of nature sounds is captured at source, including relaxing ocean, jungle and water fall sounds.

Calming Alpha


Calming Effect On The Mind

This 25 minute relaxing Isochronic brainwave entrainment session is designed to refresh your mind and create a  calming sense of well being.

  • English Forest sounds and and a mellow Alpha Isochronic tone.
  • Perfect for helping you unwind after a hectic day at work or whenever else you need to relax.
  • Has an calming effect on the mind and can also help with mental focus.

Session value $29

Focused Attention


Improve Attention And Focus

This low Beta Isochronic brainwave entrainment session is designed to help improve attention and focus. It can be used when studying or working.

It comprises a soft Isochronic Tone, alternating between 12Hz and 14Hz.

Accompanied by the relaxing sound of waves breaking on a beach this tone will put you in the zone without fatigue.

You may use the session with your eyes open when studying, reading or working.

  • 30 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Low Beta Frequencies.
  • Use when studying or working
  • Improve attention and focus
  • Relaxing sound of waves

IMPORTANT: Not to be used more than an hour at a time and remember take at least an hour break between uses. Play at a low background volume as it may become overwhelming. Some people may find a short beta or gamma session before use beneficial when studying.

Session value $29

Focused Attention 2


Sharpen Your Mind, Increase Your Focus

This low Beta Isochronic brainwave entrainment session is designed to help improve attention and focus. It can be used when studying or working.

It comprises a soft Isochronic Tone, alternating between 14Hz and 16Hz.

Accompanied by the relaxing sound of waves breaking on a beach this tone will put you in the zone without fatigue.

  • 30 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Low Beta Frequencies.
  • Use when studying or working
  • Improve attention and focus
  • Relaxing sound of waves

Session value $29

Deep Relaxation Alpha


Immerse Yourself In Deep Relaxation

A deep, relaxing 30 minute Alpha Isochronic brainwave entrainment session with embedded ambientsoundtrack.

Designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation this Isochronic tone has a relaxing forest sound accompaniment.

Slowly it shifts into a deeper more peaceful state allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the forest surroundings.

A perfect meditation aid, this tone is ideal for those times when you wish to leave behind the strains of everyday life for a short while.

  • 30 Minute Alpha Isochronic
  • Hi Quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Deep relaxation and meditation aid

Session value $29

Deep Meditation


Feel Calm, Awake And Refreshed

This 45 minute deep Meditation Isochronic brainwave session uses embedded theta brainwave entrainment audio frequencies.

Beginning in alpha this audio journey’s deep into theta, staying there until it gently rises back up to alpha leaving the listener feeling calm, awake and refreshed.

  • 45 Minute Deep Meditation Isochronic
  • Hi Quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Deep meditation session will leave you feeling refreshed

Session value $29

Focused Creativity


Stimulates Your Creativity While Keeping You Highly Focused

Alternating between low Beta, Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies this 30 minute Isochronic Brainwave entrainment session stimulates creativity while keeping the listener awake and focused.

  • 30 Minute Isochronic Brainwave entrainment session
  • Hi Quality 320Kbps MP3
  • Helps with visualization and creative inspiration.

Session value $29

Deep Relaxation


Deep Calming Waves Create An Immediate Sense Of Peace

Remember those times you needed to relax, yet couldn’t seem to settle comfortably? Your mind was still racing from the day and your body seemed to be in a different timezone.

Deep Relaxation takes care of your over worked mind. Let it’s deep calming waves create an immediate sense of peace, taking you to place in your mind where nothing can disturb you.

This 60 minute Delta Isochronic brainwave session is ideal for a quick refreshing nap or can be used for deeper levels of meditation.

  • Calming Delta Isochronic Tones
  • High Quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Ideal for a refreshing nap or deeper meditation

Session value $29

Motivation And Energy 1


Reclaim Your Lust For Life

We all know the feeling of being drained and lethargic. Like a thick fog your motivation never seems to lift. It has a knock on effect and we lose our passion and enthusiasm.

Here is a way for you to reclaim your lust for life and take back control of your destiny. Feel ready to tackle any challenge and put yourself in the drivers seat.

This 20 minute Motivation And Energy Isochronic Session contains stimulating Beta tones and will give you a boost whenever needed.

  • Stimulating Beta Tones
  • High Quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Increase motivation and energy
  • Inspiring forest sounds with embedded tones

Session value $29

Motivation And Energy 2


Ignite Your Sense Of Purpose

If you are feeling the effects from exhaustion and have lost your drive then you need to refresh your tired mind.

With a higher stimulation level than the Motivation and Energy Isochronic Session 1 this 25 minute tone accelerates the refreshing benefits of the Beta frequencies.

Reward yourself and reignite your purpose with a dose of audio get up and go.

  • Stimulating Higher Beta Tones
  • High Quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Increases vitality and mental strength
  • Inspiring forest sounds

Session value $29

Healing Pain Relief


Enter A Deep Relaxed State For Healing And Relief From Pain

Accelerate the body’s natural healing mechanisms with this soothing Isochronic audio.

Delta waves carry the frequencies associated with HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and have been documented to advance the healing process.

Relaxing ambient waves and chimes take you on an intense cleansing journey where your body is allowed to enter a deep relaxed state normally associated with healing and deep sleep.

  • 25 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Sub Delta Frequencies
  • Designed to relieve pain and accelerate healing
  • Powerful sleep aid for insomnia

Session value $29

Stimulating Gamma


Mental Processing Is Increased, Attention Goes To Another Level

Become as focused as an Olympic athlete with a gold medial in sight. Your brain is functioning at a higher level and you can solve problems in the blink of an eye.

This is the effect of the gamma brainwave. A highly stimulating frequency which allows a person to experience crystal clear thoughts and clear cut cognition.

Mental processing is increased and attention goes to another level.

A highly stimulating Isochronic brainwave for intense problem solving overcoming mental blockages.

  • 38 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Higher Beta and Gamma Frequencies.
  • Intended to raise the brainwave state into a hyper alert mode
  • Powerful learning aid
  • Use for intense problem solving
  • Beneficial for those with ADD and ADHD

IMPORTANT: Recommendations are to use this session twice a week at the most. This is due to the highly stimulating effects of gamma frequencies.

Session value $29

Gentle Alpha Relaxation


Release All Your Tensions Without Effort

Relax and let your thoughts drift away as you sit back and release all your tensions.

Calming forest bird song, a gentle flow of water and ambient soundtrack combine to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Alpha isochronic brainwave entrainment track designed to give your body and mind a gentle massage.

Feel the stiffness in your muscles disappear as they slowly begin to soften with the influence of this relaxing audio.

  • 30 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Relaxing Alpha Frequencies.
  • Designed to give your body and mind a gentle massage.
  • Soothing and relaxing

Session value $29

Tranquil Meditation


You Slowly Drift Into A Serene Session Of Meditative Bliss

Soft rain falls outside as distant thunder rolls across the hills. You slowly drift into a serene session of meditative bliss.

Ambient sounds weave through hypnotic chimes and the Alpha waves slowly take you on a peaceful journey.

A 20 minute tranquil Isochronic brainwave session using Alpha waves, rainfall and ambient soundtracks.

  • 20 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Relaxing Alpha Frequencies
  • Tranquil and serene

Session value $29

Schumann Resonance


Become More Harmoniously Balanced In Your Everyday Life

The natural rhythm of the earth has kept nature in balance for billions of years. It is only in this modern era with the invention of high frequency waves for radio, television and mobile phones have our own natural rhythms been interrupted.

Earth’s own frequency is named the Schumann Resonance after the scientist who discovered it. By retuning ourselves to this frequency we can begin to feel the benefits of becoming more harmoniously balanced within our everyday lives.

  • 30 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Relaxing Alpha Schumann Resonance
  • Nature’s own frequency for perfect balance

Sit back and relax with this 30 minute session which stimulates the earth resonance at 7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance), an alpha brainwave frequency. Embedded with isochronic tones and hypnotic chimes you can begin to realign yourself with nature.

Session value $29

Transcendent Meditation


Carries You Deeper And Deeper Into A State Of Meditative Joy

You sit back without a care as you begin to enter an enchanted state of meditation.

Outside the rain falls through the leaves.

The sound becomes a symphony of nature which carries you deeper and deeper into a state of meditative joy.

Distant ambient sounds gently weave through the thunderstorm taking you on a journey of contentment.

This 30 minute Isochronic meditation brainwave session using Alpha and Theta waves, thunderstorm and ambient soundtracks.

  • 30 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Relaxing Alpha and Theta Frequencies
  • Deep and transcendent

Session value $29

Quick Alpha Relaxation


Ambient Sounds Gently Work Their Way Through Your Fatigue

Within 10 minutes you can feel absolute calm in a haven away from your hectic day. Taking you to a distant place far away.

Waves slowly wash against the shore of a peaceful beach as ambient sounds gently work their way through your fatigue.

For whenever you need a quick boost, take 10 minutes out to relax to this quick Alpha Isochronic brainwave entrainment session.

  • 10 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download
  • Relaxing Alpha Isochronic Session
  • Serene beach setting taking you to a tranquil place

Session value $29

Sleep Aid Session


Fall Into A Healthy Deep Sleep

Insomnia is a terrible problem affecting around 30% of people. Getting a good nights sleep is as important for you health as a balanced diet.

The benefits of a goods night sleep are numerous

  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Lowers stress
  • Lessens inflammation
  • Makes you more alert
  • May help you lose weight
  • Increases intelligence
  • Helps the body’s natural repair mechanisms

This 52 minute Isochronic brainwave session has been structured to help the listener fall into a healthy deep sleep. It uses a combination of theta and delta entrainment to synchronize your brainwaves into a state ready for slumber.

Use before bed playing until you fall asleep.

IMPORTANT: This session must not be looped – it is only intended to be used for sleeping. Once you have fallen asleep just let the session end naturally.

  • 52 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Sleeping Aid Isochronic Session
  • Relaxing oceanside wave sounds and embedded entrainment

Session value $29

SMR Stimulation


Get Clear Focus And Lose Mental Chatter For Good

Persons with learning difficulties, ADHD, epilepsy and autism have been known to benefit from an increase in SMR activity.

This Isochronic brainwave entrainment session is designed to synchronize the listeners SMR brainwaves with a low beta frequency.

The effects include increased mental focus and enhanced concentration.

A soothing forest background setting accompanies this 25 minute Isochronic tone.

  • 25 minute session
  • Clear focus and enhanced concentration
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Sensory Motor Rhythm Isochronic Session
  • Soothing forest background setting

Session value $29

Deep Delta Isochronic


Take Your Whole Body Deeper Into A State Of Natural Healing

Designed to soothe chronic pain and hypertension and restore your body to it’s natural healthy state.

A peaceful rain fall background with ambient textures enhances the soothing tones generated by the sub delta frequencies.

Can be used for sleep, lowering of blood pressure and reducing pain.

Calm your fears and sooth your limbic system. Deep Delta Isochronic brainwave entrainment session takes your whole body deeper into a state of natural healing.

  • 25 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Deep Delta Session
  • Alleviate pain
  • Induce sleep
  • Peaceful rain fall and ambient textured background setting

Session value $29

Pure Theta


Takes You Gently Down To A Relaxed State

Theta brainwaves are associated with sleep and dreaming. They are present when the mind is in an extremely relaxed state.

This pure theta isochronic tone brainwave entrainment track takes you gently down to a Theta state.

Whenever you need to relax this audio can be used on it’s own or playing quietly in the background with your favourite relaxing music.

  • 40 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Theta Brainwave Session
  • Pure Theta Isochronic Tone

Session value $29

Relaxing Theta


Free Yourself Of Worry And Tension

Outside rain falls as you enter a state of deep relaxation. You become connected with your emotions and a feeling of transcendent bliss washes over you as you free yourself of worries and tensions.

These are just some of the benefits of the theta brainwave.

  • 40 minute session
  • High quality 320Kbps MP3 Download.
  • Relaxing Theta Session
  • Remove negative emotions
  • Balance your mind
  • Peaceful rain fall and ambient texture soundscape

Session value $29

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